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AAEFP/Eco Sol Asia welcomes you to the future of fire protection, providing a modern Fire Retardant Coating System Technology. Specialising jobs hiring near me in passive fire protection through our coating systems, we offer competitive quality assured products supplied and applied professionally throughout Asia. 
Our Fire Retardant Protective Coating System is water based, environmentally friendly, and can be applied to any fabric, wood or substrate. The system reduces the chances of a fire spreading, and also slows the spread of fire. This buys precious time for people to escape the catastrophic consequences of an uncontrollable fire event and increases the chance of fire being extinguished at source. 
AAEFP/Eco Sol works with numerous clients including Government authorities, multinationals, property owners and contractors throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our goal is to continue to form responsible partnerships to reduce risk, protect property and save lives. Our services include free project and site surveys, leading to competitive commercial proposals to provide and apply fire retardant options for your buildings. 
The prime benefit of protecting life and property through these applications, leads to reduced insurance premiums as a direct result of risk reduction, thereby self financing any initial application costs. Our systems come guaranteed and meet the latest environmental compliance requirements for public spaces and invisibly stand guard over your investments, protecting life and your peace of mind.

William Wood

Senior Partner


Eco-sol Ltd has over 30  years experience in Timber and T https://bstcitas.es/ extile Fire Retardant treatments for https://xjobs.org domestic and International markets.

Our range fire retardant products are of the highest standard and are highly competitive in cost and performance. We manufacture in-house in the UK.

Our role at Eco-Sol Ltd is to provide low risk and highly effective versions of Industrial, Textile, Timber treatments, to Industry & the general public that are safe & “Environmentally Friendly” as Possible.

But how do we do it?

With a lot of hard work, innovative thinking and some chemistry magic…

AAEFP/Eco Sol Asia would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the future of Fire Protective coatings technology.

We have rapidly progressed in the market working alongside a number of multinational companies and large contractors throughout Europe, Middle East and Asia. With guaranteed solutions and unbeatable prices, Eco Sol Asia offers an unrivaled service.

Our entire Staff stands ready, to provide your company with a complete line of products and services and our commitment to excellence will become evident when you choose to work with our team of talented professional staff.